The Organic Garden Chef

I would highly recommend Shannon. She is a very skilled chef and would be an asset to have in your kitchen. She is extremely professional, organized, competent, clean and her outgoing personality makes her a pleasure to have around.

Shannon is a classic, yet creative chef and her wide range of culinary talents means she can handle anything from small family meals and dinner parties to larger events.

In addition to meal preparation and service, Shannon's responsibilities also include shopping and maintaining the kitchen larder.

I would also like to speak of Shannon's character. Shannon is a very moral and honest person. She has exemplary manners and habits. She is kind and very intelligent.

Shannon is always optimistic and cheery, which are extraordinary qualities. She also gets along with everyone and always treats her employers, guests and other staff members with respect.

In summary, I can honestly and wholeheartedly, without reservation, recommend Shannon O'Dell for your employment.

/  s.w. executive chef  /


Shannon O'Dell worked as a weekend chef for my extended family (which includes up to 12 people) throughout the summers. Along with cooking all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners, Shannon was responsible for advance menu development with the goal of accommodating everyone's various tastes and dietary requirements. Moreover, 3 times during the summer, Shannon prepared buffet lunches for up to 40 people. Shannon handled these tasks with skill, and throughout the summer - which included a certain amount of stress and some long hours - Shannon was professional in her conduct and maintained both poise and good humor, working with both enthusiasm and energy. Additionally, Shannon worked in conjunction with several other staff members, with all of whom she established great rapport.

I would certainly and highly recommend Shannon for any private chef post or any culinary endeavors.

/ c.r. private residence /


It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Shannon O'Dell. I worked with Shannon on two juvenile salmonid outmigrant studies. Shannon's commitment to projects is exemplary as demonstrated by the quality of her work.

As far as her skills are concerned, Shannon is scientifically minded, and quickly learned the methods needed to complete the project. She often anticipated what needed to be done, and completed the task without needing to be told. And at the same time, she has the ability to carefully follow the most complex directions. She is skilled at handling threatened juvenile fish, taking precise measurements, recording data, discerning subtle variation in the identification of fish species, and monitoring the overall situation.

Shannon has additional attributes that include excellent 'people' skills. She communicates well and with all members of the team, and has an easygoing and likable personality. She is very positive and enthusiastic as well. Shannon is also a very bright individual and will be greatly missed. I would hire her again without any reservation whatsoever.

/  m.s. Senior fisheries biologist /



Shannon O’Dell was employed by our family from December 2011 through January
2013, as a private chef.
Shannon performed extremely well. Her notable attributes include using only the freshest
ingredients, preparing flavorful, healthy meals, keeping the kitchen organized, clean and
well stocked. She was also responsible for all of the grocery shopping and managed the
budget well. We asked Shannon to prepare creative and tasty but healthy meals with
excellent flavor and she managed to balance this extremely well, preparing international
cuisines such as Italian, Greek, Spanish, Moroccan, Chinese, Indian and other Asian
dishes, in addition to American fare, as well as low-calorie and vegetarian meals for some
of our guests.
She was also responsible for cooking for several of our parties and managed these
extremely well, with outstanding meals prepared and served with calm and grace.
Shannon has a pleasant disposition, worked well with other members of the household
and has high integrity.
For the above reasons, I am happy to give Shannon this recommendation.

/ r.w. private client /


This is a letter of recommendation for Shannon O'Dell. Shannon was sent to us from Susan Flynn of Four Star Chefs. I had an executive chef position available at George Lucas Arts and Shannon was highly recommended to represent Guckenheimer for this challenging position. Shannon demonstrated great skill, knowledge and patience. She is very personable and got along famously with the staff. Shannon is very flexible and demonstrates discipline under pressure. Shannon has also worked several other events for us, from small parties, to large corporate events at George Lucas Ranch. She will be greatly missed. I would hire Shannon again for any future employment without reservation.

/  j.w. executive director at lucas arts  /


I have known Shannon O'Dell for many years. I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for her. Shannon is very organized, creative, efficient and extremely competent. She has an excellent rapport with other staff. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. She is innovative and certainly creative in her culinary skills and apprehension. Shannon went above and beyond her job scope and responsibilities to better herself. In summary, I highly recommend Shannon for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. 

/  g.h. president of apc  /